Exhibition: We are here

Web 1 We are here IntroDid you know Botany Bay was once a dry land mass crisscrossed by rivers? Or that Sydney Airport possibly could have been moved to Towra Point? These are just some of the stories you will see in our new exhibition at Mascot Library & George Hanna Memorial Museum.

We are here explores the history of Bayside through maps. The exhibition features a number of enlarged maps so you can get up close and see minute details like pre-road walking tracks and a series of hideouts at the airport which were probably built during WWII . Throughout the display we also encourage you to share your observations and memories by writing them to sticky notes and placing them on the maps you find interesting.  We also have a series of maps you can pin your memories too.

Mapping memories Event 3 Web

We will be running a series of public programs in relation to this exhibition so follow this blog for further details. Exhibition closes7 April 2018.

Please note Mascot Library & Museum’s new opening hours are Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm , Sat: 10am – 1pm

Web 3 We are here CountryWeb 2 We Are Here mapping tableWeb 5 We are here Airport



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