Flashback Fridays on Facebook

Did you know we regularly run Flashback Friday posts on the Bayside Library Facebook page? Each month we are going to focus on different subjects and highlight stories from across Bayside.

This 1970s image of a playground rocket in Cook Park, Kyeemagh marks the end of a month long series of images of local parks. If you would like to know more, head over to Facebook now. Better still follow the library to keep up to date with our flashbacks.

If you have an idea on a theme we should cover be sure to let us know.

Spaceship at Cook Park Kyeemagh

Bayside Local History Collection




3 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays on Facebook

  1. I remember the crash of a four engine Liberator transport during take off, Crashed into the large sewer infrastructures near the Cook River.
    I was sixteen at the time living with parents & family on hill at West Kogarah. Heard explosion and sadly the news that some 20 military personal had died in crash. By the way,in the advent of an air raid, for practice we had to run from the Marist Brothers College on Hill Kogarah to a hole in the side wall of a new sewage main drain by Rockdale near Highway. What an experience.


  2. I remember the Kyeemagh area including the old Mascot Airport. Used to get told off for hanging around the airfield. I well remember the Chinese Market Gardens in the area. Keep up the good work in the history of these suburbs and the rocket playthings.


    1. Thanks for the comments Kevin. In the future the museum will be holding exhibitions on market gardeners, as well as the airport which turns 100 in 2020. We will be making calls to the community to share their memories so watch this space !


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