Fibro Moderne: A guide to the Fibro Houses of Monterey

Fibro Moderne

Have you ever seen the Fibro Moderne houses in Monterey? These Californian inspired homes are located just back from The Grand Parade, on roads such as Hollywood Street. They were built between 1935 and 1945 when ‘moderne was the hip look’.

If you want to know more, download Council’s self-guided tour of these houses. “Fast disappearing, the modest fibro houses of the early 20th-century bay side suburb of Monterey show ingenuity and an eye to the architectural fashions of the time,” states Louise Thom, one of Bayside’s Heritage Advisors. “The visitor’s guide to these ‘Fibro Moderne’ houses provides an opportunity to understand the way these houses used the Modernist idiom as a source book for ideas.”

Hard copies are available upon request. A more detailed history is also available to peruse or download from Council’s website.


Fibro Moderne


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