# Flashback Friday – Davis Gelatine Factory

Can you remember the distinctive smells that used to come from the Davis Gelatine Factory? The factory which turned animal offcuts into products like gelatine and glue opened in 1917 and closed in 1990.

Its former site, which is located opposite Pagewood Public School, is now occupied by a business park. The only remnants of the factory are part of its sunken garden and a cottage- like building that was once the office of the factory’s managing director. This is now home to the Treehouse Cafe.

Davis Gelatine used various animal off-cuts to produce their products. This diagram shows what parts were used for certain products. COURTESY OF BAYSIDE COUNCIL

The Davis Gelatine Factory, 1937. The cottage-like structure you can see in the lower half of the photograph still exists today and is occupied by the Treehouse Cafe. COURTESY OF BAYSIDE COUNCIL

The original site of the factory can be seen in the left-hand corner of this image. The red pin marks the location of The Treehouse Cafe. COURTESY OF GOOGLE MAPS

Before the use of photography became common Davis Gelatine used an illustrator to help promote their products. COURTESY OF BAYSIDE COUNCIL

Samantha Sinnayah, Museum Curator

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