Your Post-it note suggestions

Thank you to everyone who has suggested ideas for additional topics we could/should have covered in Our A to Z exhibition. We will be blogging about these in the near future so look out for these entries. If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, pop down to Council’s Museum located inside Mascot Library.

If you can’t visit during the week, don’t forget about our special Saturday afternoon opening on 28 May. The afternoon will feature a live snake show, in honour of Professor Fox, Mascot’s legendary snake man, who is included in our exhibition under the letter ‘P’.








2 thoughts on “Your Post-it note suggestions

    1. Thanks Ian for your suggestion. Its a great idea. I am sure many locals don’t realize that part of Coward Street was once know as Annabel Road which led to your family’s market garden. If you ever have time we would love to feature a blog post about your family’s garden.

      For people who are interested in seeing when Coward Street was Annabel Road check out this map from the collection of the National Library of Australia


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