Mystery Medal – Can you help?

Do you have any idea what ‘S & S Compt’ stands for?  Unfortunately the medallion’s current owner, Rob Marov of Dapto,  has little information about the object’s history. All he knows is that it was awarded to his great grandfather,  James Chegwyn, who operated a local tannery on Underwood Street Botany.

Despite much thought, the medallion’s meaning still remains a mystery to us the library and museum. The front of the medal has B.J. F.C inscribed on the front, but the Botany Juniors Football Club did not form until the 2nd half of the 20th century.

Other possible ideas have little evidence to back them up. Rob thought it may have stood for Botany Junior Footracing Club, a sport that was once very popular at the Sir Joseph Banks Hotel. Another person thought ‘S & S’ could stand for ‘soldiers & sailors’ but again could find no proof.

If you have any ideas please email us at and we will pass your ideas on to Rob.




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