Botany Road:Then & Now

 Can you imagine driving down Botany Road 80 years ago? How about the busy corner of Ricketty and Kent Street in Mascot? While preparing our new exhibition on the history of our local street names, we came across a number of old street photographs. With the aid of Google maps we have been able to construct these very interesting comparisons. Do you recognize these locations?

From top to bottom

1. Corner of Botany Road and Beauchamp Road, looking east, 1928/2013.
City of Botany Bay and Google Maps.

2. Botany Road, outside the Sir Joseph Banks Hotel, looking south-east.
City of Botany Bay & Google Maps

3. General Holmes Drive, Kyeemagh, before the airport tunnel, traveling east towards Mascot, 1967/2013. City of Botany Bay and Google Maps

4. Gardeners Road looking west from Issac Smith Street, Daceyville, 1927/2013.
Roads and Maritime NSW and Google Maps.


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